COVID-19 Diagnostic & Antibody Testing

Receive comprehensive COVID-19 testing in a safe, low-risk environment by BASS Urgent Care in Walnut Creek.

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COVID-19 Testing & Antibody Testing

In an effort to ensure residents in the Bay Area can continue to protect their families & our communities from the spread of COVID-19, BASS Urgent Care is proud to provide COVID-19 testing & COVID-19 Antibody testing at our urgent care facility in Walnut Creek.

COVID-19 testing for non-emergency cases currently requires healthcare providers to follow a two-step evaluation & testing process.

How It Works

1. Schedule a Telehealth video visit with BASS Urgent Care

During the Telehealth video visit you will meet with a BASS clinician who will perform a brief diagnostic evaluation. This initial evaluation is necessary to allow us to evaluate symptoms, discuss testing options, & make an instant referral for your COVID-19 test and/or Antibody test. The cost of a standard video visit is $59 but patients with health insurance should expect the video visit, COVID-19 PCR test, & COVID-19 Antibody test to be covered by their insurance provider.

Schedule Telehealth Video Visit

2. Scheduling a time for specimen collection

During your Telehealth video visit your COVID-19 test and/or Antibody test specimen collection will be scheduled. You will work with the clinician performing your evaluation to find a time that works with your schedule and is convenient for you. You may schedule your specimen collection immediately or for a date in the future. We are open for collection Monday through Friday from 8am to 6pm.

3. The testing process

In order to reduce the risk of spread specimen collection will take place in a low-risk environment either via drive-up or walk-in to our facility. For testing which requires patients to enter into our facility proper distancing, staggered appointment times, & PPE for providers & patients will be supplied for everyone’s safety.

4. Receiving your results

After your specimen is collected it will be sent to an accredited lab for evaluation. You should expect results to be delivered within 24-48 hours.

Types of Testing We Offer

1) PCR testing for positive/negative determination for an active Covid-19 infection.

2) Antibody testing for evidence of a previous exposure to COVID-19 an individual’s immune system has been exposed to Covid-19 and generated antibodies against it.

COVID-19 Testing FAQ

What is PCR testing?

What is antibody testing?

Antibody testing is a serology blood test that identifies the presence of antibodies, which are generated as a result of having a response to Covid-19. The specific test that BASS Laboratory conducts is designed to identify both IgG and IgM antibodies. See footnote 2

The presence of IgG indicates that an infection happened weeks to months in the past and suggests that a person may no longer be infectious. IgG generally indicates the person may have some immunity to the virus, however, we do not know if the antibodies that result from COVID-19 (SARS-CoV-2) infection will provide someone with immunity from a future infection.

The presence of IgM (with or without IgG) suggests the infection happened within the last few weeks. It also suggests that a person could still be infectious to others.

Testing for both antibodies allows for a more comprehensive understanding of whether the individual has been exposed and how recent to the virus causing Covid-19.

What happens if I test positive for antibodies?

If you test positive for antibodies it is possible that you will be less likely to contract Covid-19 in the future. However, there is no evidence currently that a positive antibody protects against future infections. A person with a positive test result must continue social distancing and comply with other state, county, and local public health mandates including wearing face coverings or masks while at work and monitoring themselves for any Covid-19 symptoms they may develop.

What does a negative antibody test mean?

A negative antibody test indicates that you have not been exposed to the virus that causes Covid-19 or may have not developed an adequate immune response and are generally at greater risk of infection. These individuals remain at risk of infection, can also return to work while practicing proper social distancing, wear face coverings or masks while at work, and monitor themselves for any Covid-19 symptoms they may develop.

Footnote 2: BASS Laboratory uses the Clarity COVID-19 IgG/IgM Antibody Test, which complies with FDA guidance for distributing antibody tests for the virus that causes Covid-19. In validation testing done by Clarity, the test displayed 98% sensitivity. Because BASS Laboratory is certified by the Clinical Laboratory Improvement Amendments of 1988 (CLIA) as a high complexity lab, it can perform this test.

Which test is best for me?

Our provider will discuss with you during consultation to select which is appropriate or both.

How long do results take to be delivered?

PCR and Antibody 24-48 hrs.

Does insurance cover Covid Testing?

Insurance varies but generally they do cover Covid testing.

Do you offer cash pricing?

Yes for Kaiser Patients and those without insurance, PCR test for $125 Antibody testing for $99.

We're Here to Help

If you are an employer in need of additional information about  COVID-19 testing, we offer program which includes testing, consultation and education from experienced infectious disease MD’s ( Virus Experts) regarding Covid-19.  Please email or call (925) 588-6130.

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