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Advanced Lab & Imaging Services

Many illnesses, injuries and conditions are difficult to diagnose by physical examination alone. At BASS Primary Care, we offer convenient imaging and lab services for the residents of Walnut Creek, Livermore, Lafayette, Concord and the surrounding areas. Whether you’re a new patient making your fist trip into our urgent care clinic or a patient we’ve cared for in the past, you can expect fast & friendly care from start to finish.

Did you receive an imaging prescription from a specialist or PCP? That’s no problem for our experienced team here at BASS Primary Care in Walnut Creek. We can send your results directly to your physician or surgeon the very same day of your visit. 

Unsure if you need medical imaging or lab services? Come on by! Our primary care physicians can order lab tests and imaging services for you right here in our clinic.

Imaging studies may be needed to visualize hard tissues, such as bone and cartilage. This may be needed if you had an accident, such as tripping and falling. Your doctor may order lab tests to check for a variety of conditions, such as anemia, high cholesterol, thyroid disorders, vitamin deficiencies, infections and more.

When you need imaging and lab services in Walnut Creek, our team of health care professionals will ensure effective results and superior care. If you have any questions about the test or imaging study, our physicians will ensure you get the answers you deserve.

CT Scans

Computerized tomography, or CT, is a type of scan that uses a rotating X-ray machine. A computer compiles the dozens of images taken by the X-ray machine as it moves around you. During a CT scan, you lie still on a table. The X-ray machine moves around you. The process takes 10 to 30 minutes. There will be short breaks during the scan. Depending on the area of your body that needs to be scanned, you may be asked to hold your breath or take deep breaths and hold them. The rotating X-rays create cross-sectional images, like layers through your body. 


X-rays are a type of electromagnetic radiation, and they can be applied to your body to visualize different tissues. Each type of tissue absorbs the radiation differently. On X-rays, bones look white, and the air in your lungs appears black. Doctors often order X-rays to look for a fracture. X-rays may also be ordered if your doctor suspects that you have pneumonia. During an X-ray, you may be given a lead apron to cover part of your body. The amount of radiation in one X-ray is similar to the natural exposure you get in about 10 days. BASS Primary Care offers convenient appointments for X-rays in Walnut Creek.


An MRI is a type of imaging study done with radio waves and magnets. A computer controls the movement of the magnets and compiles the results into images. The machine makes a lot of noise, so you'll be given noise-cancelling headphones to wear during the study. The MRI produces cross-sectional types of images that allow doctors to visualize damage to tiny structures, such as blood vessels.

Doctors order MRI imaging studies to check for soft tissue damage, such as torn ligaments, tendons and muscles. An MRI may also be used to look for fractures in bones that are more difficult to X-ray, such as the cuboid bone of the foot. MRI studies are also used to check for brain and spinal cord injuries, eye injuries, cancer, inner ear problems, multiple sclerosis and strokes. An MRI can also be done to check the health of different organs, such as the liver or pancreas. When you need an MRI in Walnut Creek, BASS Primary Care offers convenient appointment times. 

At BASS Primary Care, our imaging and lab services are designed with your health and comfort as our top priorities. When your doctor's office isn't open and your condition doesn't warrant a trip to the emergency room, our urgent care center is here for you. We offer convenient weekday, evening and weekend appointments. Our same-day services ensure that you get the lab and imaging services you need in a timely manner. For more information or to schedule an appointment for BASS Primary Care imaging and lab services contact us today.

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