5 Benefits of Getting a Flu Shot

5 Benefits of Getting a Flu Shot

It’s flu season, which means it’s time to get your flu shot if you haven’t done so already. But what’s so important about getting vaccinated against the flu anyway?  What if you don’t normally get sick? Do you really need a flu shot every year? Here are five benefits of getting a flu shot.

1. You won’t get the flu. 

This is an obvious one, but the number one benefit of getting a flu shot is that you won’t get the flu. Being sick is the opposite of fun, and the flu can last upwards of two weeks. That is a long time to be coughing, sneezing, and aching. Avoid symptoms like fever, chills, muscle aches, and sore throat by getting a flu shot. Your body will thank you. 

2. You’ll help stop the spread this flu season. 

The flu is a very contagious disease. It is easily spread through respiratory droplets when people talk, cough, or sneeze. Since symptoms of the flu don’t appear until a few days after exposure, you could be spreading germs without even knowing it. 

This is another benefit of getting vaccinated against the flu. Not only will you stay healthy but you’ll also help keep those around you safe this flu season. This is especially beneficial if you spend time with young children or older adults, populations that are especially susceptible to severe complications from the flu. 

3. It doesn’t even have to bean actual shot. 

Want to do your part but hate needles? There is a nose spray version of the flu vaccine that is just as effective. Ask your doctor if they have this needleless flu shot. This can also be helpful for children who are scared to get shots. 

4. You’ll be protected from the newest flu viruses. 

The flu continues to mutate and change over the years. This is why scientists develop a new version of the vaccine every flu season. When you get your annual flu shot, you know you will be protected against the newest forms of the flu.

Sometimes a person will get a flu shot and still get sick. Does this mean the vaccine didn’t work?  Not necessarily. The most likely scenario is that the person caught a flu virus that wasn’t part of the flu shot they received. Even if you get sick with a weird version of the flu that’s not in the vaccine that flu season, being vaccinated will still help lessen your symptoms and shorten your recovery time. 

5. You’ll keep the healthcare system open for COVID patients. 

This year it is more important than ever to get your flu shot. As the COVID-19 pandemic rages on, we want to keep hospital space free for those who really need it. Not getting a serious case of the flu keeps you out of the hospital.

The flu and coronavirus have many similar symptoms. Being vaccinated against the flu helps prevent these signs from developing when you don’t have COVID, which in turn helps you not panic. Get a flu shot to give yourself peace of mind this winter. 

Looking for a place to get a flu shot? 

Even well into the flu season, you can still get vaccinated. BASS Urgent Care provides flu shots as well as care for minor illnesses and injuries. You can schedule an appointment online or by calling (925) 267-7800. BASS Urgent Care also accepts walk-ins during their weekday hours of 7 a.m. to 7 p.m. and Saturday from 9 a.m. to 1p.m. When you need non-emergency medical care, trust BASS Urgent Care.