5 Jobs That May Require a Fitness for Duty Exam

5 Jobs That May Require a Fitness for Duty Exam

A Fit for Duty exam is a procedure that helps determine if an individual is physically, mentally and emotionally stable enough to perform the everyday tasks of a job they are applying for.These tests are often required by employers in various industries. A fitness for duty evaluation can be very beneficial because they may help companies avoid any workers’ compensation claims in the future by identifying at-risk employee behavior or health issues upfront. 

What Tests are Involved in a Fit for Duty Exam? 

There are a few different tests involved in a fit for duty exam. Not every worker will need to complete each one. It all depends on the hiring employer’s decision on what’s necessary for the position they applied for, or any specific circumstances that arise for the employee while they are with the company. 

Post-Offer or Pre-Placement Testing

This process allows company owners to collect information about potential employees and determine their ability to safely work for their company. This is performed only after the open position has been offered to the candidate and accepted by them. The information collected can include medical history, details about pre-existing conditions that could interfere with the job, or if a disability is present. The testing can help the employer make accommodations that would allow the worker to be successful at their job even with a disability. 

Post Employment Fit For Duty Testing

This testing offers information on various job deficits. It provides the company owner with the chance to intervene before an accident or injury could occur. 

Return to Work Testing (RTW)

This program brings together the transitional duties and company policy so that an injured worker is able to return back to their job as soon as possible. Once the worker can perform productive again in any capacity. The test may be administered when a doctor provides the medical release for an injured worker so they may return to work without any restrictions. 

What Jobs May Require a Fit for Duty Exam?

A Fit for Duty exam can be requested by a variety of different industries. The following are a few examples of the many careers that may require this type of testing. 


Any job that requires a worker to climb or work at heights where a fall could be dangerous enough to pose a personal injury will require a fit for duty exam. 


Jobs that require the worker to be nearby flammable material or other fire hazards could pose a threat if the employee is mentally or physically incapable of carrying out the task. 

Truck Driver 

Truck drivers spend many hours on the road and need to be physically capable of withstanding many hours behind the wheel, as well as lifting and carrying packages if necessary. 

Warehouse Workers 

Anyone who operates heavy machinery such as a forklift could pose a risk for serious injuries and even fatalities. Therefore, it is essential that these workers have a fit for duty exam prior to starting their job. 

Haz-Mat Workers 

Those who work with hazardous material need to be especially cautious to prevent any accidents and short or long-term health issues. Physical or mental problems could lead to serious injuries if a fit for duty exam is not performed. 

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