5 Jobs That Require Urine Analysis Testing for Hiring

5 Jobs That Require Urine Analysis Testing for Hiring

Drug screening is a common procedure that most jobs require before they will hire you. Testing may be more important for some jobs than others. You might apply for a job where you will operate heavy equipment, or you are responsible for making important decisions. If so, it is vital that you have a drug test before hiring. Drug testing helps keep everyone on the job site safe and cuts down on the liability risks for the company. 

Five Jobs that Will Request a Urine Analysis

While there are some jobs that don’t ask you to have a drug screening such as a urine analysis test, here are a few that do . 

Construction Industry 

Jobs in the construction industry require a lot of high-risk and dangerous tasks. So all their safety precautions should be followed exactly as required. Having a worker at a construction site who is under the influence could result in a serious injury or accident for themselves or any of their co-workers. This industry has one of the highest rates of drug and alcohol abuse as well. So it is essential for any construction job to have a strict drug testing program in place. 

A Global Risk Management survey in 2017 stated that 40% of fatalities in the construction industry are related to substance abuse. 

Transportation Industry 

The public transportation industry handles moving millions of people and products from one point to another each day. They operate planes, compact cars, big trucks, airplanes and trains each day. So checking for substance abuse during the hiring process, or any time afterward is a strict rule for all companies in this industry. The U.S. Department of Transportation made drug testing mandatory for both employers and employees in this industry. 

The following types of drug test are common all throughout this industry: 

  • During the hiring process
  • Random drug testing
  • Upon suspicion
  • Post accident 

To ensure a drug-free workplace and safety for everyone, transportation employers enforced routine drug screening. This will ensure a safe work environment for everyone. 

Manufacturing Industry 

Based on the results of a recent U.S. government study, substance abuse is a major issue for the manufacturing industry. This includes companies involved in the production of both non-durable and durable goods.

In each sector, 15% of workers admitted to using illegal drugs and 7% said they were heavy drinkers. This is all based on statistics from the U.S. Department of Health and Human Services. Drug and alcohol abuse in the manufacturing industry doesn't just affect the individual workers and their fellow employees. It can also affect the reputation of the company and possibly lead to recalls on products if they were not handled properly. 

Hospitality Industry 

The hospitality industry includes motels, hotels, restaurants, bars and other related facilities. This industry requires workers to be courteous and professional to guests. Unfortunately, it has one of the highest rates of drug and alcohol abuse. As many as 9.3% of employees in this industry admitted to using illegal drugs in a single month. Having a stable drug and alcohol-free program in place can help contribute to productive workers and a safer work environment . It can also help decrease the number of complaints a company may receive from dissatisfied guests. 

High Tech and Software Industry 

The High Tech and Software Industry deal with large amounts of important data. This information should be handled only by responsible individuals. Some jobs in this industry may not require as much responsibility as others. But it is still very important that any job in this industry has a strong drug and alcohol screening policy enforced. Doing so will help these companies maintain a good status in the global technology revolution. Many firms and companies in this industry already realized the importance of drug screening. Now they are taking the steps to operate a drug and alcohol free workplace. 

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