Coronavirus Impacting You? Here are 5 Healthy Activities for Your Shelter In Place

Coronavirus Impacting You? Here are 5 Healthy Activities for Your Shelter In Place

If you are in a state that has called for a shelter in place, you may be worried about resources or your mental health. Staying inside for a week or more can take a great toll on us, mentally and physically. With the right activities, you will find that you can keep yourself feeling healthy during your time inside. 

What is Coronavirus

With over 367,000 cases in the United States, Coronavirus has caused the government to make some big decisions. Coronavirus is a part of a larger family of viruses that cause mild and severe illnesses. Many have agreed that Coronavirus spreads through aerosols (droplets) that are spread from coughing or sneezing. If these droplets happen to enter another person’s body, they will become infected. Coronavirus can be avoided by consistently washing your hands (for 20 seconds) and by practicing social distancing. 

What Does It Mean to Shelter in Place? 

A shelter in place is typically ordered during or after an emergency. During a shelter in place, residents may not leave their homes or travel unless it is for something essential. An essential trip could be picking up groceries, going to the bank, or receiving medical care. A shelter in place order will close nonessential businesses and keep employees of those businesses from leaving home. There are many activities that will help you healthily pass time during your shelter in place. 

1. Yoga

During this time, you may feel anxious, scared, or upset. This is completely understandable. Yoga is a great activity for your shelter in place, as it provides exercise and meditation. When you take time out of your day to do some yoga, you are centering your mind and relaxing your body. 

2. Pilates

When you shelter in place, you may feel stressed. This stress could revolve around the situation at hand, or from the lack of fresh air. Pilates is a great way to keep in shape and relieve stress. After a twenty-minute session of Pilates, you will feel a great endorphin boost. During your shelter in place, you will find that it is easy to feel unmotivated or lazy. 

3. Cooking

Cooking can be a great, healthy activity, but only if you choose to make it healthy. The act of cooking itself is a good way to keep yourself from feeling depressed or impractical. Cooking requires that you use your brain to carry out a recipe and gives you a delicious creation as a result. Make sure you are cooking healthy meals, as they will boost your energy and mood. 

4. Cleaning

During your shelter in place, you might feel less inclined to keep up with cleaning. Keeping things hygienic will keep your environment safe. Additionally, having clean surroundings will give you more energy. It can almost seem too overwhelming to bother cleaning, so you may just give up. Needless to say, a clean home will help you keep strong mental health.  

5. Reading

Keeping your brain busy will keep it healthy. Reading stimulates your mind and can help pass the time. Even if you do not have books at home, you can download apps that will easily let you access reading material. Sitting with nothing to do can take a great toll on your mental health. This is why it is a great idea to read or take part in stimulating activities. 

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