COVID-19: The CDC Confirms Airborne Transmission is Possible

COVID-19: The CDC Confirms Airborne Transmission is Possible

Coming up on a year in lockdown, Coronavirus is the topic that continues to be on everybody’s mind. Although we are all getting restless inside our homes, it remains crucial to our survival that we continue to stay home and wear masks when in public. Why? Because of how easily this virus spreads from person to person. The CDC (Center for Disease Control) has confirmed that it is one of the most contagious diseases that we have to worry about, and due to the still-rising numbers in certain parts of the country, it remains necessary to take every state recommended precaution.

How It’s Spread

The closer you are to another person with the virus, the more likely you are to contract COVID-19. Wearing a mask and staying6 feet away is not always 100% effective. When a person speaks, sings, coughs, or sneezes, droplets are created. The droplets can either be visible to the naked eye or not. The small droplets, when dried in the air, form particles. The amount of time that particles can linger in the air ranges from mere minutes to hours. You contract the COVID-19 virus once you inhale these particles or they fall on your mucus membranes that line the inside of your nose and mouth, in other words, COVID-19 is an airborne virus. This means that if you spend time with someone who has been infected with the coronavirus, even after they have left, you could still contract the disease from any idling particles that may have been left behind. 

To best protect yourself from the disease, avoid close contact with anyone who has or is suspected of having contracted the virus. You should continue to properly wear your mask, and avoid places where people are more likely to neglect proper mask protocol as there will be no partition to stop the spread of their particles into the air. 

How To Stay Safe

Since the CDC has confirmed that COVID-19 can, and in most cases is, spread through the air, the best course of action is to continue staying at home and wearing a mask when out in public. As stated before, wearing a mask and staying 6 feet away isn't a perfect method to staying healthy. Although you are more likely to contract the virus by having close contact with someone who has been infected, there has been evidence to support that being in enclosed spaces with someone who has been infected increases your chances of contracting COVID-19. This is even possible if proper distance and mask protocol has been followed.

Testing With BASS Urgent Care


If you believe you have come into contact with COVID-19, please consider getting tested for the virus and monitor any symptoms(difficulty breathing, coughing, sore throat, congestion, or body chills) that may occur. If you do start to exhibit symptoms related to COVID-19, please schedule a test immediately. You can schedule a test with BASS Urgent Care at our website or by calling us at (925) 329-3719. 

We administer tests inside our facility with staggered appointments for the safety of our patients. Additionally, we offer testing from the inside of your vehicle. You will receive the results of your COVID-19 test within 3 days of your test being  administered. 


At BASS Urgent Care, we do everything in our power to ensure the comfort and safety of our patients during this uncertain time. For more information about COVID-19, visit the BASS Urgent Care website.