DOT Physical Medical Exam

DOT Physical Medical Exam

Commercial motor vehicle drivers must have a Department of Transportation (DOT) physical exam before they are authorized to operate a commercial vehicle. These exams are mandated by the Federal Motor Carrier Safety Administration (FMCSA). They can help a medical professional decide if a driver is physically, emotionally, and mentally stable enough to safely operate a commercial vehicle, such as a big rig truck or a bus used for public transportation.

A DOT physical will not only keep others safe but may also find underlying health conditions that you are unaware of. If you are considering a career as a commercial driver, here is more information about the DOT Physical Medical Exam.

Why Is a DOT Medical Exam Important?

The DOT physical is a necessary exam for anyone applying for a job as a commercial motor vehicle driver. The doctor giving the exam ensures the driver is up-to-date on all their health examinations and is at peak health for driving a truck or public vehicle. The exam ensures that all CMV drivers can physically and mentally handle the long hours on the road and all the stress that comes with operating various commercial vehicles.

What Should I Know Before My Appointment?

There are several things you will need to know before your DOT exam appointment. First, make sure your insurance company will cover your exam. If your insurer does not cover DOT exams, you will need to pay upfront for the service.

You should bring along any required forms, such as your DOT Medical Exam Report, with you to the exam. This report includes Driver Information and your Health History, as well as other essential details that can be useful to the doctor.

If you have a medical disability that does not hinder your ability to operate a commercial vehicle safely, you will need to bring a medical release form that shows your physician’s approval for you to work with this condition.

Remember, while a DOT physical is similar to your annual check-up with your doctor, this exam should not take the place of any wellness physical or other visit that you have each year.

What Takes Place During a DOT Exam?

During a DOT exam, a doctor will check several things to ensure you have no health conditions that would put you in danger while on the road for many hours. The exam will consist of various tests to help the doctor determine if you can safely operate a commercial vehicle.

The tests are similar to those you would receive if you were going for your annual wellness checkups, such as a vision test, hearing test, and urinalysis. The doctor or a nurse will check your blood pressure and pulse rate to ensure you are healthy enough to sit behind the wheel for long periods and check for any abnormalities.

The DOT exam also includes a physical exam that tests for various issues with breathing, weakness or damage to the limbs, good balance and reflexes, and limitations or tenderness with your skeletal system.

Vaccinations may also be required during the exam. Some of the vaccines commonly administered at this time include those for Hepatitis A and B, Influenza, and the vaccine for Polio/Tetanus/Typhoid.

Who Offers DOT Medical Exams Near Me?

If you need a DOT physical exam, get in touch with the medical experts at Bass Urgent Care for assistance. We can set up an appointment for you and answer any questions you may have before the exam. Give us a call today at (925) 350-4044 for more information.