Health Preventive Measures to Take Before Traveling

Health Preventive Measures to Take Before Traveling

Traveling to another country for business or leisure can be exciting and enjoyable, but only if you are prepared when it comes to protecting your health and the health of those around you. The World Health Organization recommends that all individuals planning international travel seek guidance from a healthcare professional before departure. Such pre-travel health visits are meant to alert travelers of the potential health hazards present in their travel destinations and help them understand what kind of precautions and preventive measures they can take before traveling to ensure a safe trip and reduce their risk of acquiring an illness or disease. Contact BASS Urgent Care today for more information about health preventive measures to take before international travel. 

What to Do Before You Go

The key to successful international travel is taking the appropriate steps to protect your health and safety before, during, and after your trip. Thoroughly preparing for your trip overseas means anticipating potential health issues that could arise during your travels and developing strategies for addressing these issues ahead of time. The following is a quick and easy guide to travel safety and good health:

  • Don’t make plans for international travel if you are sick. If you are sick and you travel abroad, you could spread diseases to anyone you come in contact with during your trip. Stay home when you are sick and postpone any travel.
  • Get country-specific health advice about your travel destination. The disease risk is different from country to country. Depending on where you plan to travel and what you plan to do once you’re there, you may need certain vaccinations or medications before you go.
  • Make an appointment for a pre-travel health visit 4-6 weeks before your departure. Visit your doctor or a local urgent care clinic at least one month before you leave for your trip to get personalized advice about any health issues that could arise during your travels and how to deal with these risks.
  • Be sure to pack the essentials. Pack a travel health kit that contains essential first aid items, sunscreen, bug spray, and any over-the-counter or prescription medications you may need to take during your trip. Make sure any medicine you are bringing is permitted in your destination country.
  • Consider purchasing travel health insurance. Most people don’t realize this, but not all health insurance policies will cover policyholders if they get hurt or sick while traveling abroad. If this applies to you, you may want to consider purchasing travel health insurance so you can avoid paying out of pocket if you end up seeking treatment at a hospital or clinic on your trip.

Be Prepared for International Travel

There is no one-size-fits-all approach to preparing for international travel. That is why health experts recommend researching any potential health threats at your travel destination and scheduling a pre-travel health consultation with your doctor to discuss how best to minimize your risk of becoming ill while traveling. A trained healthcare professional can evaluate certain key factors, such as your medical history, vaccination history, travel destination, and planned activities, to assess your potential health risks and develop a comprehensive travel health plan customized for you. For instance, if you are traveling to certain parts of Africa or Asia where malaria is a continuing threat, you can take prescription medication before and during your trip to avoid contracting the disease. If you are traveling to an area where Hepatitis A and typhoid are a risk due to contaminated food or water, you can get a vaccine before you go to protect yourself against these diseases.

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