High-Risk COVID Areas: What to Avoid

High-Risk COVID Areas: What to Avoid

Across the world, millions have come into contact with coronavirus. In the United States, many states have previously ordered for their residents to shelter in place. This meant that staying home was a priority; you could only leave for vital trips to the doctors or for grocery shopping. As of June, many of these states have shifted into lax requirements due to the slowing of COVID-19. A large number of businesses have reopened or are preparing to reopen. Despite things returning to a semblance of normal, coronavirus is still a threat. If you are invested in avoiding infection, there are some places where you may want to be cautious. 

Bars & Restaurants

Many enjoy going to the bar or a restaurant after a long week to spend time with friends or loved ones. Bars are a great place to meet new people, but unfortunately are bound to be packed. Even if the bar has COVID-19 restrictions, such as spacing, there are still some risks. Many will be struggling to speak to one another, meaning that they may remove their mask to shout at a friend across the room. Patrons will also be removing masks to drink and eat. It is especially dangerous if a bar or restaurant has poor air systems, as any infected person could quickly spread coronavirus throughout the room. If you do decide to go to a bar or restaurant, make sure that it is well ventilated. You may even consider searching for a place to dine or drink with an outdoor seating section. 

Concerts, Churches & Theaters

If you attend any type of church, concert, or theater, you could be at risk for COVID-19 transmission. The CDC (Center for Disease Control and Prevention) has made it clear that attending gatherings of 10 or more people is definitely risky. If you attend any of these engagements, you should ensure that people are being spaced properly. If the venue looks crowded, it might be a good sign to leave. The closer people are together, the easier it will be for COVID-19 to spread. Many churches, bands, and theater groups have taken to the internet to stream their services. This is a great way of avoiding others while enjoying a sermon, concert, or theater performance. 

Transportation & Work 

For many of us, the bus and subway are our only ways of getting around. Unfortunately, it is extremely hard to maintain distance when we are cooped up in a vehicle with others. Additionally, you will be dealing with prolonged exposure to others. At the same time, many of us have no other option. We also have no options involving the workplace. We must go to work if we want to have enough money to survive. Fortunately, many workplaces have ensured that their employees will remain safe. 

If you must take public transportation or have to go to work, ensure that you are wearing a mask. Make sure that you are careful about touching objects around you and wash your hands as soon as possible afterward. Additionally, avoid touching your face during your ride or through your day of work. 

COVID Test With Bass Urgent Care

If you are displaying any symptoms of coronavirus (difficulty breathing, coughing, sore throat, congestion, body chills, and more), you may want to get a COVID test. When testing for COVID-19, your safety and the safety of others comes first. That is why BASS Urgent Care offers to test you while you are in your vehicle. Additionally, we also test in our facility with staggered appointment times. We ensure that your test is as comfortable as possible and will get your results back to you within 24-48 hours. To book an appointment with us, call (925) 329-3718 or visit us online.