How Can You Treat a Face Rash at Home? When Should You See a Doctor?

How Can You Treat a Face Rash at Home? When Should You See a Doctor?

Rashes are an unpleasant surprise, especially when they show up on your face. Not only is it a cosmetic issue, but a face rash can be extremely itchy and uncomfortable. Learning how to treat a face rash is fairly simple, but should be approached with caution to avoid worsening the condition. 

Most everyone knows not to scratch when suffering from dried-out skin, bumps, and redness. It is important to avoid introducing bacteria to the area and causing an infection. Beyond the basic “no touch” rule, try these simple at-home treatments for face rash before visiting the doctor. 

Cold Compress

Applying a cold compress to the affected area is a fast and easy way to relieve pain. The cold slows blood flow to the skin, reducing swelling and inflammation as well as itching. Using an ice pack, cool cloth, or bag full of ice, hold to the rash until itching and pain subside. Always remember to have a cloth between any frozen compress and your skin, protecting it from further irritation and damage. 


Another treatment for face rash is creams or oils containing hydrocortisone. Low-dose products are available as over-the-counter itch relief. Hydrocortisone cream should be gently smoothed in a thin layer over clean, dry skin. Wash hands thoroughly after application.

Aloe Vera 

Aloe vera gel is useful for far more than just soothing sun burns. The gel contains a whole array of vitamins and nutrients that are thought to create an anti-inflammitory effect. Aloe has been used for centuries in healing and skin care and is coveted for it’s soothing affects. 

Despite there being not enough conclusive evidence to support these historical claims, the plant is widely used and praised. While freshly harvested gel is highly recommended, you can also buy the prepared gels sold in stores. Apply directly to freshly washed and dried skin.   

Coconut Oil

Coconut oil is processed from the meat and milk of coconuts, creating a semisolid that melts with gentle heat. The oil is rich in saturated fats and is widely used for its antiseptic and anti-inflammatory properties. Coconut oil can be used as a moisturizer or smoothed over irritated, rashy skin as a spot treatment. 

Tea Tree Oil

Originally used by the Australian Aboriginal people as an anticeptic and anti-inflamitory treatment, Tea tree oil is now used globally. The American Society of Microbiology did a study with Tea tree oil reviewing its antimicrobial properties. These same bacteria-killing properties are what make the oil an effective face rash treatment. To avoid drying out your skin, Tea tree should never be used undiluted. Mix a carrier oil like coconut or olive oil, or with your daily moisurizer to apply. 

When to See a Doctor:

Not all rashes can be taken care of with simple at-home remedies. There are several signs that it is time to seek professional treatment for a face rash. 

  • Lingering Effects: If the rash does not clear up in two weeks or continues to spread, make an appointment with a doctor. You likely need a stronger treatment than you can purchase over the counter. 
  • Fever: If your rash is accompanied by a fever go to urgent care or the emergency room as soon as possible. Many serious illnesses first manifest with a rash and fever and it is best to catch them early. 
  • Open Sores and Blisters: If your rash has blisters or open sores, you might be experiencing an allergic reaction and should seek medical attention. 
  • Pain: Pain is the body’s way of telling us something is wrong. If your rash is painful, have it evaluated by a professional. 
  • Infection: If the affected area is warm, swollen, leaking puss, or crusting over, the rash has become infected. Do not treat infections lightly; make sure to speak to your doctor right away. 

If in doubt, you can always speak to a professional. You don’t have to wait for the rash to become a serious problem before you visit a doctor. 

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