How Face Masks Protect You Against the Flu

How Face Masks Protect You Against the Flu

With flu season 2020 coming up, you should start wearing your mask more often, if you have not already. At BASS Urgent Care, we want to see you stay healthy, so we gathered everything you need to know about how helpful face masks are.

Read on to learn how face masks can protect you from the flu.

They Stop Droplets From Spreading to Others

No doubt you have already heard this: face masks, especially surgical face masks, prevent droplets that contain the virus from escaping you and getting on others. These masks can be found at most general stores. You may have seen them sold in packs with protective gloves or fun designs.

When buying a mask, be sure that it is made from a solid piece of fabric. Surgical masks are best, but washable cotton masks work in a pinch. You should avoid masks that are made from mesh materials, since they do nothing to stop droplets.

Make Your Own Mask

If you do not yet have a mask, what can you do? A homemade mask is not quite as effective as a surgical face mask but still reduces the spread of the flu in your community. Overall, having a homemade mask is better than not having any protective face covering at all.

If you are wondering “how long is flu season?” then you should know that it peaks between December and February. During this time period, you should be sure that you wear a mask when you go out.

If you do not have a mask yet, make your own! You can do this with many materials that you already have at home. A cotton T-shirt, bandana, or other fabrics work perfectly to create a mask. You can find plenty of ideas and simple patterns online.

Your mask should fit tightly against your face and cover your mouth and nose. It should be secure with no gaps in the material. For a good fit, use a solid piece of fabric and not knit or stitch something together. Knit masks have gaps that allow droplets to easily escape your mask. The mesh masks that you might see on Instagram do nothing to protect you or others.

Extra Precautions

If you have the flu and need to leave your home, wear some kind of mask. This prevents you from accidentally spreading your illness to others. If you are sick, use hand sanitizer and wash your hands more frequently.

If you live in some kind of community housing, you are more likely to get sick this coming flu season. Community housing includes college dorms, military barracks, nursing homes, or any living situation where you area round many different people. 

If you live in these situations, wearing a mask when you are in common areas is a good idea. You will be exposed to more infected people than people who live alone. If you want to protect your health, avoid contact with others who are already sick.

With flu season 2020 coming up fast, be prepared. If you do not already wear a mask when you go out, start now to help prevent the spread of an illness.


BASS Urgent Care wants to help you stay safe this flu season. Give us a call at (925) 267-7800 if you have any questions or want to learn more about how masks keep you safe.