How Much Does a Walk-In Clinic Really Cost?

How Much Does a Walk-In Clinic Really Cost?

If you or a member or your family has ever been faced with a non-emergency illness or injury, you probably have questions about the pros and cons of seeking treatment at a walk-in medical clinic versus a hospital emergency room. Cost is the number one concern for many people in need of medical care, especially those worried about incurring medical debt, and when it comes to non-life-threatening injuries or illnesses, choosing a walk-in clinic over a hospital emergency room can save you a great deal of money as well as time. If you have a minor condition, such as a fever, cough, cold or broken bone, it may be in your best interest to use a walk-in clinic instead of going to the emergency room.

Walk-In Clinic vs. Emergency Room

Walk-in clinics fill an important gap between primary care physicians and hospital emergency rooms. Many, like Bass Advanced Urgent Care, are staffed primarily by ER-trained physicians and can provide nearly all of the same medical services available in a primary care physician’s office or emergency room, which certain exceptions. Patients who visit Bass Advanced Urgent Care in Walnut Creek have access to a wide range of medical services, from state-of-the-art diagnostic imaging and radiology services to on-site laboratory services, among other urgent care services. If you are experiencing a non-emergency injury or illness that isn’t serious enough to require a trip to the hospital emergency room but that can’t wait for an appointment with your primary care doctor, a walk-in clinic can provide you with the fast, reliable medical care you need. 

Treatment Cost at Walk-In Clinics

The main question most people have about walk-in medical clinics is how much does a walk-in clinic cost. The fact of the matter is, the cost of emergency medical treatment paired with the time patients generally spend waiting around in ER waiting rooms should be enough to convince more people to consider seeking treatment at a walk-in clinic. Compared to an emergency room visit, which can cost anywhere from $150 to $3,000 or considerably more, the average cost of using a walk-in clinic is about $50 to $150 per patient, depending on the patient’s copay and the level of treatment required. According to, when you use a walk-in medical clinic, you can expect the pay the following amounts for these common medical conditions without insurance:

  • Allergies: $97 (ER cost: $345)
  • Strep throat: $111 (ER cost: $531)
  • Urinary tract infection: $112 (ER cost: $665)
  • Pink eye: $102 (ER cost: $370)
  • Earache: $110 (ER cost: $400)
  • Bronchitis: $127 (ER cost: $595)
  • Upper respiratory infection: $111 (ER cost: $486)
  • Sinusitis: $112 (ER cost: $617)

Paying for Your Walk-In Clinic Visit

It is completely normal to have questions about walk-in clinic cost when you are dealing with an injury or illness that you don’t think requires emergency medical care. The great thing about walk-in clinics like Bass Urgent Care is that, while you do have the option of making an appointment if you want to, you can also just walk in without an appointment, which means you can get the medical attention you need without having to wait for an appointment with your primary care physician. Walk-in clinics also typically accept cash, credit cards and insurance, so you have a good deal of flexibility when it comes to paying for your medical care. The medical services and procedures at BASS Urgent Care are covered by most medical insurance plans, but feel free to contact us if you have any questions about billing or your insurance coverage.