Plan on Traveling Internationally? Here's Why You Need To Be Vaccinated

Plan on Traveling Internationally? Here's Why You Need To Be Vaccinated

Plan on Traveling Internationally? Here's Why You Need To Be Vaccinated                                           

When you are planning a trip overseas, there are many things you will need to do to prepare. Along with packing all your essentials and making sure you have your hotel room booked, you also need to be sure you are caught up on all your required vaccinations for the trip. Vaccines can help protect against serious diseases when you are in a foreign land. Depending on where you decide to travel, you could come into contact with a rare condition that is not in the United States. Getting vaccinated for these diseases will help keep you healthy and safe during your travels.

Which Vaccines Are Needed Before International Travel?

The vaccinations that you will need before you head out on your trip will depend on several factors.

Your Current Health

If you have an ongoing medical condition or a weakened immune system, you may need additional vaccinations before leaving for your trip. Also, if you are pregnant, you may need different vaccinations if you travel internationally.

The Place You Plan to Visit

Some countries will require you to show proof of vaccinations before you can enter. This is true for certain diseases such as polio or yellow fever. If you plan to travel to any developing countries, you could come into contact with even more diseases. This means that you could require more vaccinations before your trip.

The Vaccinations You Already Have

You must be up to date on your routine vaccinations and have proof of these shots as well. Although diseases such as mumps and measles are considered rare here in the United States, they are much more common in other countries.

When Should I Get My Vaccinations Before Travel?

It is essential to knowhow far in advance you should get your travel vaccination before traveling. You will want to get your shots at least 4 to 6 weeks before your trip. This will give the immunizations enough time to get started working and ensure that you will be protected from severe diseases while you are on your trip. Getting your vaccines early will also guarantee enough time to get another dose of the vaccines if it is recommended that you do so.

What Resources Can I Use to Prepare for my International Trip?

There are several resources available online that you may use to help you prepare for your trip. These tools can help determine if you have the right vaccinations needed before you leave for your trip.

The CDC Website

You can visit the CDC website to learn more about the vaccinations you may need for your trip. There commended vaccines will be based on where you plan to travel, what you will be doing, and any current health conditions you may have.

The CDC TravWell App

The CDC’s TravWell app will help ensure that you get the recommended vaccinations needed for your trip. This useful app offers a checklist designed to assist with travel preparations. It also includes a personalized packing list that will help guarantee you don’t forget anything important. You can use this appointment to digitally store your travel documents and keep an online record of all your vaccinations and travel medicine that you take.

Get More Information About Vaccinations by Calling Us

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