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PreOp Screening & Testing

When your doctor recommends a surgical procedure, there will be some screenings, procedures and tests you'll need to do before the day of the surgery. These procedures are important because they allow your doctor to know if you have any underlying health conditions or new issues that could impact your surgical treatment. BASS Urgent Care offers pre-operation services for those in and around Walnut Creek.

Preoperative EKG

Prior to performing surgery most doctors will request a preoperative electrocardiogram, or EKG. The purpose for this test is to help stratify risk, inform anesthetic options for surgery and guide postop treatment choices.

Pre-Surgical Screenings 

Most doctors order one or more blood and urine tests before a patient has surgery. Some of the common preop blood tests include hematocrit or iron count, white blood cell count, metabolic panels and coagulation studies. Your blood may also be typed in case a transfusion is needed during or after your surgery. Urinalysis may be ordered to check for protein or bacteria. For women of childbearing age, a urine sample may be needed to test for pregnancy before surgery occurs.

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Payments to BASS Urgent Care in Walnut Creek are due at the time of services or procedures. Services and procedures are covered by most medical insurance plans. If you have questions about your insurance coverage or any billing issues, please call one of our experts on the billing team.

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