Considering Getting a Flu Shot? Why You Should Get One This Season

Considering Getting a Flu Shot? Why You Should Get One This Season

The flu shot is a vaccine that grants you immunity from the influenza virus, the main cause of the flu. This vaccine introduces your body to different small parts of flu viruses. This triggers a reaction from your immune system. Your immune system will work to figure out how to destroy the virus particles and will remember how to do so in the future. 

This year, more than ever, it is important to get a flu shot. Each year, about 8% of the entire U.S population gets sick from the flu. Right now, millions of citizens in the United States are fighting COVID-19. Choosing to get vaccinated this year will not only help to keep you healthy, but will keep our hospitals open with enough space to assist those with COVID-19. 

The Flu Shot and COVID-19 

When it comes to the flu and coronavirus, health experts are uncertain how things will play out. Unfortunately, these deadly viruses will encounter each other this fall. Experts can not say whether the two will be able to coexist in one person or not. What we do know is that flu shots will be more important than ever this year. 

If a person receives a flu shot before the end of October, they will be able to determine what their symptoms could mean. Without a vaccine, a person would easily confuse the flu and coronavirus for each other. Both the flu and coronavirus share many symptoms. These symptoms include fever, dry cough, aches, chills, fatigue, sore throat, vomiting, and diarrhea. A person experiencing these symptoms while vaccinated for the flu would be able to realize that they should get tested for COVID-19. 

According to experts, coronavirus will hospitalize thousands and kill hundreds a day into September with more spikes in the future. While hospitals are already overcrowded from coronavirus, they could reach max occupancy if flu patients are added into the mix. By getting a flu shot, we can avoid taking up a bed in a hospital that could go to a patient with coronavirus.  

Flu Shot Effectiveness 

Each year, the CDC studies how well the flu vaccine works. Their recent studies have shown that the flu shot reduces the risk of the flu by between 40% and 60% throughout the entire population. For maximum protection, it is best to get a flu shot in October. However, if you miss your chance to get a flu shot by October, you can still get one. Even if it is January, a flu shot will still protect you during the remaining flu season. You should not get a flu shot in July or August, as the flu shot effectiveness will wear off before the flu season is over. 

Some of the locations that offer a flu vaccine also offer flu mist for children. This method is applied directly into the nasal passage and is often reserved for children who do not enjoy getting shots. Researchers have found that this form of the flu vaccine is less effective at preventing the flu (especially influenza A/H1N1) in children. Meanwhile, the flu shot is far more effective at protecting children from the flu. 

Flu Shot Near Me 

BASS Urgent Care does not only offer flu vaccinations, but treatment for those affected by the flu. Located in Walnut Creek, we pride ourselves on our ability to quickly get patients seen by a medical professional for assistance. Our facility follows the CDC’s hygiene recommendations and is a low-risk environment for those who wish to enter. To book an appointment with BASS Urgent Care, visit our website. Or give us a call at (925) 329-3718.