DOT Physical Medical Exam: What Happens If You Fail the Exam?

DOT Physical Medical Exam: What Happens If You Fail the Exam?

Department of Transportation Medical Exams, also known as DOT Medical Exams, must be passed before you can be hired as a professional truck driver or operate any type of commercial motor vehicle. Drivers must pass these exams several more times throughout their careers to continue working as commercial drivers. While necessary for the trucking industry, this exam is also required for those who drive a commercial motor vehicle, such as a public bus.

What Happens When You Fail The DOT Physical?

A driver must undergo DOT physicals once every 24 months to continue their job operating a commercial vehicle. Many drivers wonder what would happen if they were to fail their DOT physical. The good news is that if you do not pass your physical, your career isn’t over. In many cases, there are steps you can take to ensure you can continue driving a commercial vehicle.

Here are a few reasons why a driver might fail their DOT exam and what you can expect afterward:

Why Do People Fail The DOT Exam?

There are many different areas covered during the exam, and many people do not pass the first time. Something as simple as an error with your urinalysis test could have caused an issue or the exam may have uncovered a medical condition you didn’t already know about, such as diabetes or high blood pressure.

Additional medical conditions that could cause you to fail the exam include the following:

● Epilepsy

● Missing Extremities

● Poor vision or hearing

● A nervous or psychiatric disease

● Alcohol or drug use

● Lack of circulation or poor reflexes

If you failed the physical part of the exam, ask if there is something you could correct. If you failed your vision test, for example, find out if corrective lenses could help. If you didn’t pass the hearing test, ask if a hearing aid would make a difference. It’s possible that you would only need to make some minor adjustments to pass the exam with flying colors.

How to Pass Your Next DOT Exam

If you have recently taken your DOT exam and failed, here are a few valuable tips that will help ensure you pass at your next appointment:

First, you need to take a look at why you failed your initial exam. Is the problem something you can change? If so, start trying to do just that. If you didn’t pass because you have high blood pressure, try exercising and changing your diet to help improve your numbers.

Ask your physician if they have any tips on what you should do to pass the exam. It would also not hurt to get a second opinion from another doctor. When you know exactly what needs to be changed and how to do it, you will be on your way to meeting your goals.

If you failed your exam and the reason is something you cannot change, you could receive redemption. This allows some drivers to operate a commercial motor vehicle even if they have a health condition that would cause them to fail the DOT exam, as long as the problem is proven to not hinder you from operating a motor vehicle.

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